The New Testament Mission & School, LaCroix, Haiti. Founded
by Pastor Vaugelas Pierre, it is the center of life in this village.
Pastor Pierre.
The clinic is currently staffed by Haitian nurses, but
the Doctor & Dentist are on the way, with your help!
Susan and Sam Landenwitsch and Elana Rosenthal, who accompanied Dr
Landenwitsch on a recent trip to Haiti, are shown along with foster child,
House Calls.
Dr Dan  views the Maternity Clinic building currently
under construction.
Training Haitian Midwives.
First time Mom Julienne and her healthy newborn Daughter.
The School kids love when Big Mike comes to town!
Dr. Fred and kids.
Reviewing a hard day's work with Pastor Pierre.
A typical Haitian home built with mud walls
reinforced with straw, and a thatched roof.
The  LaCroix Mission is a relative oasis, compared to
the typically denuded Haitian landscape.
Please, help make a difference in my life and
the lives of 10,000 of my neighbors.

Volunteers enrich the learning experience at the School.
Pastor Pierre translates for Dr Dale & Dr Dan during a
maternity clinic held in the Mission Church.
The students at the school receive a lunch of
rice and beans each day.
The Medical Clinic provides care for thousands in and around LaCroix.     
The Community Of Hope is a project already
underway that will ultimately provide improved
housing for 100 families.