On Saturday February 25, 2006 Fred Landenwitsch and Joe Vonderheide
rolled their bicycles
onto the beach at St. Augustine, Florida and touched the water.  The Tour de
Saints had ended 28 days almost to the minute from when they pedaled away from the ocean in San
Diego, California.  The four week winter journey took them through eight states adjoining   the
southern border of our country.  They climbed the majestic Southern Rockies, witnessed the vastness
of Texas, and crossed the mighty Mississippi River.  They met lots of friendly people and even more
mean dogs along the way

Of more lasting importance than the bicycle tour will be a
project to build a medical personnel residence in LaCroix.  
We sought to raise $70,000.00 for this undertaking which
will allow a doctor and dentist to be on-site year round at
the clinic.  It is with amazement and happiness that we
report that 330 friends, relatives, colleagues, schools,
churches, businesses, organizations, and even complete
strangers have donated a total of $73,000.00 to date
which will be given to Pastor Pierre for the construction of
this residence.  We want to profoundly thank these good
people for making a choice to help our neighbors in Haiti.
The Adventure Ends; Saint Augustine, FL 2/25/06
... le tour de saints!
2800 miles
This effort has been expended to help a small village in the country of Haiti. The village is LaCroix.  In
this village is a small mission that provides schooling and one meal per day (the average Haitian eats
only one meal every other day) for about 2,000 children.  Also, in this village is a medical clinic, built in
the past seven years, that has been providing basic medical services to people in and out of the area
who need this help.  It is usually staffed by Haitian nurses except when American doctors manage to
get down there. This school and clinic are operated by a Haitian man, Pastor Pierre, who is supported
by a few churches in Western Pennsylvania.  Many of us have been traveling to LaCroix, Haiti  for the
past few years in an effort to aide the medical and construction projects.  
The Haitian Cycling Team at the Beginning of  
le tour de Saints; San Diego, CA 1/28/06
The Medical Residence  nearing completion.
The Medical Personnel Residence, LaCroix, Haiti

Five years on, we continue to receive donations, & the total amount given now
exceeds $74,000. This has been used by Pastor Pierre to build a medical staff
residence on the grounds of the mission clinic. The residence currently
provides accommodations for Haitian healthcare workers, including a doctor,
a dentist, nurses & their families.

One year after the devastating earthquake, the LaCroix clinic continues to
provide medical care for thousands of local & regional patients.

As Haiti continues to push forward  towards the goal of a just & democratic
government, the US is partnering with Haiti in the effort. Haiti is by far the
most impoverished country in the western hemisphere yet, with the
indomitable Haitian spirit & with the renewed attention from the US & entire
world, there is reason for hope.

Fred & Joe invite those who have a desire to help our Haitian neighbors to
send donations to  Friends of Haiti or Tour de Saints. 100% of these funds will
be used to aid Pastor Pierre’s LaCroix medical clinic & school.


Dr Fred Landenwitsch
Rev Joe Vonderheide